College of Liberal Arts to celebrate Arts and Humanities Month throughout October

Published: September 22, 2021

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In celebration and recognition of National Arts and Humanities Month during the month of October, the College of Liberal Arts will host performances, lectures, exhibitions and other special events that offer opportunities to learn about, experience and participate in the arts and humanities.

“Throughout the pandemic, the arts and humanities have been even more pivotal in our lives, as they have helped us not only understand these challenging times but also continue to nurture human connections and lift our spirits,” said Dr. Giovanna Summerfield, professor and associate dean for education affairs in the College of Liberal Arts.

National Arts and Humanities Month has been celebrated in the United States since 1993.

The arts and humanities hold an abiding value to us as citizens and human beings. They help us understand ourselves as individuals and as people who see the world differently. They help us talk about fundamental values and tough issues. They teach us to think creatively, critically, independently and to communicate effectively, as well as to respect individual and cultural differences. They foster an understanding of the human condition and a desire for free exchange of ideas. They invoke social change. They uplift.

Please join us at our scheduled events, and be sure to check the website often for additions to the calendar, which can be found here.

Submitted by: Victoria Santos