Office of Information Technology urging Apple users to update devices due to device exploit

Published: September 16, 2021

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Due to a recent exploit discovered in Apple devices, the Office of Information Technology, or OIT, is urging all iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacOS users to make sure their devices are updated as quickly as possible. This applies to university-owned and personal devices. Here are some important details about the issue and the update:

  • Most issues are arising from the way that devices process images, specifically those sent through iMessage. This specific type of hack is called a “zero-click” exploit and can affect devices simply by displaying the image, even if you don’t click on or download anything.

  • While iOS 15 is rumored to be releasing soon, it is strongly recommended that you apply the 14.8 update immediately.  

  • Apple watches could be subject to a similar exploit, so they should be updated to watchOS 7.6.2.

  • Even if your device is set to auto-update, it may follow a certain schedule which could delay installation. Please check your device and manually run the update if needed.

  • Auburn University policy requires that all devices be kept up-to-date.

Those with questions or concerns about this can visit this article on the OIT website or contact the IT Service Desk at 334-844-4944.

Submitted by: Kittye Parker