Statement on Auburn’s campus safety commitment and upcoming town hall

Published: September 16, 2021

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The creation and maintenance of a safe environment for our students will always be the highest priority for Auburn. The three cases reported this week–one in a residence hall, one on a campus sidewalk and one in a fraternity house–have only intensified our commitment. Auburn prohibits sexual harassment and power-based personal violence. We take action to prevent it through a variety of sexual assault awareness and bystander intervention programming, as well as safety programs and resources. 

When a crime is officially reported by a member of our campus community, the University is able to take even more aggressive steps to help crime victims and hold those responsible accountable. In the current situation, the victims of the three recent incidents chose not to file police reports or formal complaints with the University or local police, and we support their right to do so. 

Auburn University issues Clery-required campus safety notices regarding crime on or near the university’s campus when we become aware of such activity, as we did with these three cases. We continuously provide helpful services and resources to our campus community impacted by such issues.  

Our safety program includes the following:

  • Auburn Police Division University Precinct officers who patrol the campus 24 hours a day.
  • Auburn employed and contracted security officers after hours.
  • Nearly 200 blue light emergency phones that dial directly to 911.
  • 24-hour on-campus transportation.
  • An extensive security camera system.
  • A free Auburn Safety app, which includes features such as “Friend Walk,” ability to submit a tip, “How to Respond guide” and sexual violence resources.
  • Safe Harbor, a confidential resource, is a university service that supports those experiencing personal violence, including dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking/harassment. A 24/7 crisis phone number (334-844-7233) is available for those seeking help.

Transparency, student outreach and student input are critical components to our approach to campus safety. Student Affairs will host a town hall event Wednesday, Sept. 22, to discuss preventing and reporting sexual assault. In addition to Student Affairs, representatives from Campus Safety and Security, the Auburn Police Division, SGA, Health Promotion and Wellness and Title IX will be in attendance. The town hall will take place 4 p.m. in the Student Activities Center Auditorium. All are invited. Anyone who is unable to attend the Town Hall in-person or would prefer to participate via Zoom, click here.