Honor student blazes trail with tenacity

Published: July 01, 2021

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Victoria Johnson is blazing the trail as the first University Honors Research Scholar in the history of the Auburn University Honors College.

Originally from Panama City, Florida, Johnson graduated from Auburn University this spring with a Bachelor of Science in microbial and cellular biology with the College of Sciences and Mathematics, or COSAM.

“Never in my life would I have guessed that I would be named Auburn’s first University Honors Research Scholar. It is such an honor, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have had such a thorough research experience at Auburn,” says Johnson.

The Honors College at Auburn University introduced its two new graduation distinctions: Honors Research Scholar and University Honors Research Scholar two years ago. With these new distinctions, students are able to plan a profound, individualized research experience while at Auburn. These distinctions reflect the Honors College’s commitment to help expand Auburn University’s enterprise as an R1 Carnegie Research Institution and to uphold the Honors College mission statement to “seek truth with courage and conviction.”

While at Auburn, Johnson participated in two and a half years of research in the Human Development and Family Studies Department under the direction of Wendy-Troop-Gordon. Johnson’s research paper is in the final stages of revision before she submits it for publication.

“When I was choosing a university to attend, I wanted to pick the one where I was sure that I would leave as a better person than when I entered it four years prior. In reflecting on my time at Auburn and my experience in the Honors College, I am completely confident that in becoming an Auburn woman, I achieved that goal,” says Johnson.

Medical school is next for her which has been a lifelong dream. In July, she plans to move to Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the Creighton University School of Medicine.

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Submitted by: Sharisma Bell

Victoria Johnson