Kinesiology professor’s study on running injuries profiled by The New York Times

Published: July 01, 2021

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School of Kinesiology Assistant Professor Jaimie Roper's recent paper on running injuries was profiled by The New York Times. The story, "To Avoid Running Injuries, Don’t Shake Up Your Routine Too Much," discusses findings in Roper's paper titled "Changes in Training, Lifestyle, Psychological and Demographic Factors, and Associations With Running-Related Injuries During COVID-19." The primary purpose of the study was to examine how the type and magnitude of changes in running behavior, as a consequence of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, influence running-related injuries. Secondarily, the study aimed to examine how lifestyle and psychosocial well-being measures may influence running behavior change.

Roper is the director of the School of Kinesiology's Locomotor and Movement Control Lab.

Submitted by: Miranda Nobles