Verizon cellular contract changes reminder

Published: June 17, 2021

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Verizon cellular contract was renewed by the state earlier this year, and as a result, the contract has undergone a slight change regarding the acquisition period and cost of new cellular devices. This should not have a major impact on most users since this change still falls within the expectations set forth by Auburn’s device policy, but it does add an extra step and cost to those who seek any kind of policy exception.

The two major points in the change are:

1. All new cellular lines and newly upgraded cellular lines will not be eligible for an early upgrade until 24 months after the date of inception of the new line or the date of the equipment upgrade purchase. If the device is replaced during the first two years, full retail pricing will apply. As a reminder, the University Owned Mobile Device and Service Policy states Auburn-owned mobile devices will be replaced no more frequently than every three years. 

2. All new cellular lines and newly upgraded cellular lines will be subject to a prorated Subsidy Recovery fee if disconnected before 24 months has elapsed after the date the new service began or the date the equipment upgrade was purchased.

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to share this message with those in their unit who regularly oversee the purchase of cellular devices. If employees have any questions about this change, please contact

Submitted by: Kittye Parker