Pep rally for Auburn aviators to be held June 11

Published: June 07, 2021

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For the first-time ever, Auburn Aviation will have three teams participate in the annual Air Race Classic. In an effort to support the War Eagle Women, a pep rally will be held on June 11, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Auburn University Regional Airport. Participants can join Aubie and the Auburn Cheerleaders rally for the three teams.

Due to COVID-19, the Air Race Classic has changed its format. Typically, a multi-day competition with a pre-selected route, the Air Race Classic will instead be a one-day derby, where each team creates their own unique route within approved guidelines. Teams around the nation have the ability to choose their race day between the dates of June 12 and June 26, and the War Eagle Women are planning to depart for their derby on June 12.

Beginning in 2017, Auburn Aviation has competed annually in the Air Race Classic-a transcontinental air race for female pilots. This is the first year that Auburn Aviation will have three teams competing.

The aviators for this year's race are: Caitlyn Miller and Isabella Velarde, flying for the white team; Sierra Hardwick and Elizabeth Moorman, flying for the orange team; and Mattie Bohanan and Meg Cooper, flying for the blue team.

The pep-rally is free and open to all.

Submitted by: Victoria Santos