Office of Academic Assessment highlights campus partnerships–Spotlight on the provost’s communication and marketing team

Published: June 01, 2021

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Launched in 2018, Creed to Succeed helps the university evaluate the Core Curriculum, offers current students an opportunity to provide feedback on their educational experience and provides the university with critical information regarding student success. The course, housed in Canvas, is Auburn University’s premier graduating senior data collection course and would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of multiple campus offices. Each unit involved with the initiative brings a distinct set of skills and unique value to Creed to Succeed. The Creed to Succeed initiative received the 2020 President’s Outstanding Collaborative Units Award because Creed to Succeed provides pivotal support to efforts aimed at increasing student achievement at Auburn University. The Office of Academic Assessment looks forward to recognizing the partners involved with Creed to Succeed throughout the spring 2021 semester in their monthly spotlight.

The Office of the Provost is established at Auburn University in that it is “committed to the Auburn community by advancing initiatives that were designed to increase student retention and graduation, promote active and engaged learning areas and support faculty and student successes.” Staff and units working within the Office of the Provost all work to implement the goals outlined in the university’s strategic plan by “working with campus partners to advance the university’s mission and support its reputation for excellence.”

Marisa Singh currently serves as a communications and marketing specialist within the Office of the Provost. She works closely with academic units, campus and college communicators and the Provost’s Office to develop and implement marketing and communications strategies designed to advance university-level programs.

Marisa and a team of designers became involved with Creed to Succeed course when it was still being referred to as UNIV 4AA0–Senior Graduation Course. The Office of Academic Assessment, or OAA, had been implementing the senior graduation course for about a year and there was a recognized need for consistent branding. Specifically, OAA didn’t want a student’s first engagement with the course to be a notification of an administrative hold being placed on their account, rather OAA wanted students to be familiar with the pre-graduation expectations, knowing what to expect due to strategic communication over a period of time and through a variety of sources. After a few meetings, the design team had come up with resources for multiple websites and branding visuals that could be utilized for both students and campus partners.

When asked about her experience on this collaboration, Marisa stated that, “The project could not have gone any better. Everyone worked well as a team and communicated in a way that my team and I were able to bring their vision of the rebranding of the Creed to Succeed course to life.”

The Office of the Provost’s communication and marketing staff have offices in Haley Center. If you would like to contact a communications and marketing specialist within the Office of the Provost, call (334) 844-8535 or email

Submitted by: Marla Zappa

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