Eric Smith joins US Drug Enforcement Agency higher education workgroup

Published: May 27, 2021

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Eric Smith, director of Health Promotion and Wellness Services, is joining 15 nationally selected individuals to serve on the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, higher education workgroup. The group is made up of administrators, faculty members and researchers from colleges and universities across the nation, plus DEA administrators.

According to Smith, Richard Lucey, DEA senior prevention program manager, brought a group together to specifically address college student substance use and engage communities in more prevention/intervention work.

“We meet on a regular basis to learn about trends in drug use across the nation at the collegiate level and recommend ideas and strategies towards policy, prevention and intervention resources,” Smith said.

Individuals serving in this workgroup serve as consultants and engage with the DEA about strategic and prevention ideas.

“I am grateful to have a seat at the table and be able to communicate ideas up to the DEA and back down the various channels I am a part of locally,” Smith said.

Submitted by: Payton Beck

Eric Smith