School of Nursing honors Brooke Bailey and Capt. Ronald A. Fancher with Distinguished Alumni Award

Published: May 17, 2021

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The Auburn School of Nursing, or AUSON, honored exceptional graduates through the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Started in 2009, these awards are one way AUSON recognizes distinguished and committed alumni who excel in the areas of leadership, professional achievement and community service. They recognize the collective depth and breadth of recipient's interests, talents, career paths and achievements in all spheres. Through their career achievements and engagement with the university and community, these alumni set a standard to which AUSON students and fellow alumni can aspire.

Dean of the School of Nursing Gregg Newschwander presented the 2021 Distinguished Alumnus Award to two graduates, a first for the school.

The first recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award was Brooke Bailey. The second recipient was another, equally accomplished graduate—Capt. Ronald A. Fancher of the Nurse Corps, United States Navy.

Submitted by: Latha Bhavnani