Shech invited to speak at Harvard Foundation of Physics Series

Published: May 14, 2021

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Elay Shech, an associate professor of philosophy, recently presented at the Harvard Foundation of Physics Series, a one-day mini-workshop on cutting-edge philosophical and foundational issues in physics. The series covers topics such as the foundations of quantum field theory, the meaning of the quantum wave function, the interpretation of quantum mechanics, the nature of black holes and time travel. Shech was invited to participate in the session “Infinities and Idealizations in Physics.” His talk, titled “Scientific Understanding, Modal Reasoning, and (Infinite) Idealization,” discussed how scientists appeal to highly idealized models and thought experiments to gain insight into our best theories and the phenomena they describe.

Shech received his PhD from University of Pittsburgh. He has held visiting fellowships at Durham University, National University of Singapore, University of Sydney, University of Bristol and Utrecht University. He was a visiting scholar/professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University. His research interests include general philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of mathematics and statistics as well as philosophy of artificial intelligence and machines learning, aesthetics and the philosophy of art.

Submitted by: Victoria Santos