Auburn Parent and Family Association presents Faculty and Staff Awards

Published: May 13, 2021

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Parent and Family Programs honored outstanding faculty and staff who have had a positive impact on Auburn students and their families at the Parent and Family Association Faculty and Staff Awards ceremony on April 23 at the Gogue Performing Arts Center.

“The Parent and Family Awards are unique because they rely on the parents and families of Auburn students to recognize the incredible work of our faculty and staff across campus,” said Program Administrator for Parent and Family Programs Torey Palmer. “Parents and families are often very involved with their Auburn students, and they get to hear firsthand about the experiences that their students are having.” 

This award was established in 2017, and honorees are nominated by the parents and families of those they teach mentor, support and serve-the students.

This year’s honorees are Robert Kulick, Skylar Moore, Katherine Hettinger, Mike Stover, Djibo Zanzot, Ross Heck, Kimberly Mulligan, Mark Liatti, Dr. Fred Kam, Louisa Wood and the Auburn University Medical Clinic.

“These awards represent the appreciation and thanks of parents and families for the exemplary work that Auburn employees do throughout the year, but especially during these times,” Palmer said.

Submitted by: Payton Beck