Auburn Chapter of the American Chemical Society partners for unique recycling opportunity

Published: April 16, 2021

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For years, chemists have been promoting a better world through recyclable plastics and other green chemistry initiatives. To promote this positive role that chemistry plays in the world; the Auburn Local Section of the American Chemical Society will be participating in Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, or CCEW, events during the week of April 18 through 24. This year’s theme is “Reducing our Footprint with Chemistry.”

The Auburn Local Section of the American Chemical Society is partnering with Auburn University Facilities Management/Waste Reduction and Recycling, The Office of Sustainabilty, Auburn University Risk Management and Safety, and Green Labs at Auburn University to recycle one of the biggest recyclable waste streams in laboratories, Pipette Tip Boxes.

One manufacturer estimates that their industry produces over 4 million pounds of plastic pipette tip boxes each year. According to Green Labs Recycling, pipette tip boxes account for almost 75% of all laboratory generated plastic waste.

Pipette Tip Boxes collection areas have been set up in buildings around Auburn’s campus. To be recycled, the boxes must be clean and not contaminated with chemical or infectious materials. Only recycle the packaging and not the used pipette tips.

An informational video explaining more lab waste reduction tips has been created and can be found here.

This seemingly small action of recycling pipette tip boxes can have a lasting impact on campus and our community.

Submitted by: Kevin Ives