Digital Scholarship Interest Group seeks expanded membership to better serve Auburn

Published: April 01, 2021

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The Digital Scholarship Interest Group, or DSIG, is seeking new members across the Auburn campus to join their group. With expanded membership, the DSIG hopes to bring in more diverse perspectives and better serve the entire campus. The only criteria is an interest in digital scholarship. All are welcome to join as members or attend.

The DSIG, hosted by Auburn University Libraries, brings together interested parties and practitioners of digital scholarship across Auburn University. Participants are encouraged to share their projects, research, teaching, ideas and plans with the group. Whether participants are new or experienced in digital scholarship and the tools, methodologies and new forms of intellectual enquiry and knowledge-sharing that digital scholarship allows, the group is open to forging collaborative links between disciplines and working units.

The DSIG meets monthly via Zoom. Those interested in joining as a member or attending to see what the group is all about, email Chris Loughnane to be added to the mailing list for the next meeting reminder.

Submitted by: Jayson Hill