Results for week eight of mask-use study at Auburn announced

Published: April 02, 2021

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Auburn University, in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Public Health and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is currently studying mask use on and around campus.

During the week of March 22-27, the study found 86% of individuals wore masks and of those 89% wore their mask correctly. The most common mask type observed during the week was cloth (66%), followed by surgical masks (30%).

Researchers noted results for individuals seen wearing a mask and those wearing it correctly suffered significant declines after slight dips in the previous week. Such news is disappointing, they claim, as it negates all the gains made in correct mask usage and general mask compliance since the study began Feb. 1.

The researchers continue to stress the importance of maintaining proper mask usage. To wear a mask correctly, it must fit as snugly as possible to the face, covering the chin, mouth and nose up to the nose bridge. The mask should not be below the nose or worn at the tip of their nose. The mask should fit tightly against the face.

Auburn requires face coverings to be worn at all times while on campus or other property controlled by the university, including both indoor and outdoor areas. 

Over 60 colleges and universities across the country are participating in the study during the spring semester. Students trained as data collectors are observing people on campus and at off-campus sites frequented by students.

For questions regarding Auburn’s study, please contact Andrea Perkins at or Linda Gibson-Young at

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