Testing Services extends no-cost proctoring, additional services

Published: March 30, 2021

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Biggio Center Testing Services, Auburn’s NCTA-certified testing center, responded to COVID-19 by implementing enhancements and advancements in testing, proctoring and grading, some of which will remain in place as campus returns to some normalcy.


• As faculty have become accustomed to administering exams outside of the classroom, Biggio Testing Services is prepared to help proctor these computer-based exams in a highly secure environment. By using Biggio Testing Services online proctoring options, faculty save time and resources with services for both on-campus and online classes.


• In partnership with the Office of the Provost, Biggio Testing Services will continue to cover the cost of Honorlock and ProctorU through summer 2021. Starting fall 2021, the student-paid model used prior to the pandemic will take effect.

• For a majority of online proctoring needs, Honorlock provides a dependable and cost-effective solution. Contact Biggio Testing Services, particularly for large lecture classes, prior to your exams to schedule assistance with reviewing video.

• ProctorU is especially useful for scheduling check-ins in which a live proctor checks students in for their exam. Live check-ins are helpful in situations where students are required to use specific exam aids such as a particular calculator or other materials.

GradeScope for Paper-Based Exam Grading

• In partnership with the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, all faculty have access to GradeScope this calendar year. GradeScope makes grading paper-based exams more efficient and consistent by using handwriting recognition and AI to find similar answers across a batch of students.

• GradeScope integrates with Canvas for easy grade input.

GradeHub for Efficient Scantron Alternative

• GradeHub uses bubble-sheet technology but without the need for proprietary scanners like Scantron. Students or faculty can print answer sheets on a regular printed, and faculty can use their desktop scanner or a departmental Ricoh scanner to scan the completed answer sheets and auto-grade.

• GradeHub is integrated with Canvas, allowing faculty to avoid painstakingly entering student grades as required with Auburn’s Scantron solutions.

• GradeHub allows easy modification of answer keys and performing analytics on exam questions.

For more information or questions, email Biggio Center Testing Services.

Submitted by: Marisa Singh