WEGL studio named in honor of student Bradley Basden and his family's dedication to the university

Published: March 22, 2021

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Auburn’s student-run radio studio, located inside the Melton Student Center, was named the Bradley Basden WEGL Studio on Saturday, March 13. This recognition celebrates Basden’s dedication to Auburn University and WEGL 91.1 FM and honors Dr. Brett Basden ‘89 and Katie Prather Basden’s ‘91 philanthropic support to Student Affairs.

As an inaugural member of the EAGLES Program, Basden began working for WEGL in 2019 and created his own show, “EAGLE on WEGL.”

Born with a rare genetic defect that impacts Basden’s brain, liver and spleen, he never allowed medical challenges to stop him from chasing his dream which was to attend and leave a legacy at Auburn University. 

Basden was eager to learn and became an integral part of the WEGL team. Peers quickly noticed the positivity Basden brought daily to the studio.

“His work ethic and passion for radio is the reason for his success and the reason he will leave a lasting impact on WEGL,” Student Media Coordinator Brit Bowen said. “Bradley alone has paved the way for students of all abilities to be involved and to leave their mark on Auburn University. His involvement at WEGL is an everyday reminder of why WEGL exists, which is to serve as a learning laboratory for students.”

The Basdens made a significant philanthropic pledge to Student Affairs in 2020 with part of the funds going towards new WEGL equipment and the remaining funds going towards the Student Affairs Gift Fund.

WEGL’s studio has now been improved with state-of-the-art technology including an Axia IQ 8-Fader Console, a control board, an Axia 8-Fader Expansion Frame, which gives the station 16 channels instead of eight, and an Axia Console DSP Mix Engine.

This equipment immediately upgraded WEGL’s infrastructure to operate from the station’s wireless network giving the team the ability to operate remotely. What was once impossible has been made possible through remote capabilities.

“The content that students can now make and the ways they can utilize the studio far exceeds anything WEGL has been able to do in its 50 year history,” Bowen said. “The station is now operating in a capacity that mirrors the professional broadcast industry, preparing students for jobs and internships.”

The radio station has been student-run since it began 50 years ago and has taught hundreds of students vital technical skills.

For more information about WEGL, go to aub.ie/wegl.

Submitted by: Payton Beck

Bradley Basden

Bradley Basden sits inside the Bradley Basden WEGL Studio with improved state-of-the-art technology where he hosts his show “EAGLE on WEGL.”