Auburn online computer science degree ranked among nation’s top 10

Published: January 22, 2021

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Auburn University’s online Bachelor of Computer Science program has been ranked among the nation’s top online computer science programs, according to Computer Science Degree Hub.

Computer Science Degree Hub ranked the programs based on estimated cost, return on investment and graduation rate. Based on its findings, Auburn’s online BCS degree came out ranked atop the top 10.

“This ranking affirms the quality and affordability of our online Bachelor of Computer Science program,” said Hari Narayanan, chair of the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering. “When we launched the program in 2018, translating our top-tier on-campus bachelor’s degree in computer science into an equally high quality student-centered online experience for adults with a college degree or college credit was our primary objective. I believe this ranking shows that we have been successful in doing that.”

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Submitted by: Chris Anthony