thrive! focuses on health and wellbeing during COVID-19

Published: January 15, 2021

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Auburn University employees have served their campus, their communities and the world in extraordinary ways since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as we approach the one-year anniversary of the pandemic, many in the Auburn Family are understandably dealing with COVID-19 burnout and are stressed, exhausted and even depressed.

To help counter this, Auburn University Human Resources is publishing a series of health and wellbeing articles for employees entitled “thrive!” These articles will focus on COVID-19, mental wellness and other relevant topics.

The first article, “These Factors Can Cause COVID-19 Burnout,” was emailed to employees on Wednesday and is also available at Additional articles will also be posted to this page.

If you have comments or suggestions for future topics, email

Submitted by: Patrick Johnston