A message on national unity from President Gogue

Published: January 11, 2021

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Like many of you, I am deeply troubled and angered by the violent acts that transpired last week at the U.S. Capitol. The images from Wednesday reaffirm we have much to do as a nation to heal deep-seated wounds and restore the belief that our democracy is the firm foundation on which we build unity and common bonds.

On behalf of Auburn’s students, faculty and staff, we call on our nation’s leaders to ensure a safe and peaceful transition to the new administration. I also urge that the Auburn Family come together as part of the collective solution by engaging in constructive conversations with friends, family, classmates and colleagues.

As always, I am grateful for the Auburn Family, and I know we will get through these trying times, together. Although we sometimes disagree, it is incumbent upon us to remain unified in our respect for our nation’s democracy and the role it plays in helping people reach their hopes and dreams and building a better world around us.


Jay Gogue