Covid-19 vaccination reservation form now live

Published: January 08, 2021

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A reservation form for Auburn employees and students at highest risk for Covid-19 and wanting to receive the Covid-19 vaccine is now live. Access the reservation form here.

The form asks those who feel they are at a higher risk for Covid-19 to denote certain health-related details and other qualifying information for assessment in a first round of inoculations that the university is administering from the initial 3,500 doses it received Wednesday. The process involves an employee or student submitting the form and promptly receiving an email confirmation that their form was received. From there, those requesting the vaccine will receive another email for scheduling an appointment, with first priority based on those who meet the qualifying factors of the university’s initial phase for vaccination. Within each priority group, invitations will be randomized. View details of the university’s phased approach.

All active Auburn employees will be eligible to receive the vaccine through Auburn’s A Healthier U Covid-19 vaccine clinics (in phases 1 and 2 of the phased distribution plan). Retired employees, emeritus faculty, dependents of employees and other members of the Auburn community are included in phase 3 of the plan. There will be no costs associated with the vaccine. Information on the university’s initial phase of distribution is available here.  Auburn’s Covid-19 vaccine information page is available, providing latest updates, allocation guidelines and FAQs. Given that vaccine supplies may remain limited across the nation for the next several weeks, Auburn employees are advised to also register for vaccine distribution programs that may be available locally in pharmacies, urgent care providers, their local county health department or through their personal health care provider.