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Auburn University should soon receive its first shipment of a vaccine against COVID-19 and is setting forth a phased plan for distribution on campus.

Although an exact vaccine delivery date has not yet been set, planning is underway for acceptance and distribution when it becomes available. That process will involve a phased approach based on the current guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Department of Homeland Security as well as the availability of the vaccine. A COVID-19 Vaccination Program Implementation Committee, charged with developing plans for distribution, has been established and includes members of the Auburn University COVID-19 Task Force as well as the university’s COVID-19 Resource Center Team. 

Vaccine decisions will incorporate input from affected groups, especially those at the highest risk levels, and vaccine phases will be implemented with transparency and in accordance with the best available scientific evidence. The allocation of doses will first focus on individuals working in high-risk health care settings and campus first responders. The vaccine supply is projected to increase quickly over the proceeding months, allowing for distribution to additional critical individuals and eventually to the campus in general.

As updates are determined, information will be posted on Auburn’s COVID-19 Resource Center website. Auburn has requested allocation of the vaccine from the Alabama Department of Public Health, and the university is keeping in constant contact with the agency to ensure readiness when doses are released.

Auburn has already identified existing ultracold storage equipment, thereby eliminating any potential barriers for accepting the delivery of the university’s allotted doses. Health care providers across campus will be involved in the vaccination clinics, including staff of the Auburn University Medical Clinic and faculty, staff and students from the Harrison School of Pharmacy, Auburn School of Nursing and Auburn’s Social Work Program.