Auburn Medical Clinic Director Dr. Fred Kam recognized by Mayor Ron Anders

Published: November 13, 2020

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In his State of the City address on Nov. 9, Auburn Mayor Ron Anders presented Auburn Medical Clinic Director Dr. Fred Kam with a Lamplighter Award, an annual recognition presented to the people of Auburn who make the city a better place to live.

Dr. Kam, who has served the Auburn University Medical Clinic and Auburn community since 1997, was commended by the mayor for his dedication to healthcare and continuing to guide the university through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As the longtime director of the Auburn University Medical Clinic, Dr. Kam has served as a primary contact for thousands of students, faculty and staff at Auburn University,” said Anders. “Recently, he has overseen the response to a pandemic for a university trying to provide a normal course of education for its students. Weekly, he has provided updates as to the status of the virus among the campus; none of them sugarcoated. To me, he has been an honest sounding board as we’ve navigated a world which none of us has ever experienced.”

Outside of his work at the medical clinic, Dr. Kam has served as an advisor to a number of Auburn groups and has an annual Student Involvement award in his name that recognizes an organization’s philanthropic impact. He currently holds professorships at Auburn in the Department of Political Science, School of Nursing and the School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Kam is a board-certified internist with more than thirty years of experience in medical service delivery which includes positions as an assistant professor of medicine and many directorships including Director of the Student Health Center at the University of Miami, where he received his medical degree. He was chosen by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America in 1996 and 1997.

Dr. Kam was born in Trinidad and went to high school in England. He and his wife, Charlene, have three children.