Tiger Sitter Service looking for volunteers and families

Published: September 08, 2020

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Tiger Sitter Service is looking for sitters and families for fall 2020. Tiger Sitter Service is a no-cost babysitting program designed to match Auburn graduate student parents with Auburn undergraduate and graduate student sitters. Sitters will volunteer their time to babysit for families in exchange for approved community service hours. This program will help Auburn’s community by providing additional support to graduate students who have children, while also providing an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in the community.

Student parents interested in receiving free babysitting are required to fill out an application at the beginning of each semester on AUinvolve. Once the application has closed, the families will be selected using a lottery format. The number of families accepted into the program is dependent upon the number of student sitter volunteers participating in the program.

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in serving as volunteer student sitters can apply on AUinvolve. If selected, sitters will be trained in infant and child CPR and are required to complete online training for reporting sexual misconduct. Each student sitter will agree to provide at least 20 hours of free babysitting over the course of one semester. When submitting an application to become a sitter, applicants can select the number of hours they would like to serve. Applications are now open and will remain open until Sept. 14 at 5 p.m.

Click here to access the family application.

Click here to access the sitter application link.

For more information, contact Ja'lia Taylor

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