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The South College Street parking deck officially opens on Monday, July 1. The five-level, 600-space parking deck includes sections for guests of The Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center, as well as Auburn University.

Level one will be for valet use by the hotel. Levels two and three, and the ramps leading up to them, will be A-Zone parking for university use. Levels four and five, and their accompanying ramps, will be for hotel guests. Levels four and five will include an entry gate, and it will require a hotel room key to enter.

The first, fourth and fifth levels will be monitored by the hotel. The second and third levels will be monitored by Auburn University Parking Services. Parallel parking on the street will be controlled by the City of Auburn.

In addition to the parking deck, streetscape improvements also are being incorporated, allowing for wider and more accessible sidewalks through the area, as well as a median and crosswalk across South College Street to provide a safe crossing zone for those walking to campus.