Campus leaders address recent national events, offer support for community

March 24, 2021

Auburn University’s values and principles are deeply rooted in our continued commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our mission necessitates an inclusive and equitable environment of success for students, faculty and staff who encompass a broad range of backgrounds, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, genders, sexualities, and abilities.

As a community, we are connected by our humanity, hopes, wishes, fears, and experiences. So today, our community is in pain. It gives us deep sorrow and regret to see the rise in hate crimes against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community over the past year. This rise in hate includes the horrific shooting in Atlanta that resulted in the deaths of eight people, including six Asian women, only furthered the need to halt these senseless acts of violence. While there is continued discussion and investigation on this horrible act, the considerable fear and concern among our community is undeniable.

These actions are, unfortunately, rooted in the past ideology and history of our country that has resurfaced again during this trying time in our nation’s history. We must remain vigilant in our continued progress toward a more inclusive and equitable campus, nation, and world. We encourage our community to remain familiar with our reporting processes through the Bias Incident Report Form and the Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Form.

Auburn University recognizes and acknowledges the pain and fear occurring in this very challenging moment, and we stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. We remain committed to providing education and support to our community.

Signature for Taffye Benson Clayton
Taffye Benson Clayton, EdD
Vice President and Associate Provost
Inclusion and Diversity
Signature for Bobby Woodard
Bobby Woodard, PhD
Senior Vice President
Student Affairs
Signature for Andrew Gillespie
Andrew R. Gillespie, PhD
Assistant Provost
International Programs
Last updated: March 24, 2021