Message from the Auburn Board of Trustees

Message from the Auburn Board of Trustees

Message from the Auburn Board of Trustees

Dear Auburn Family,

Over the past several weeks, our lives have changed in remarkable ways. While we have necessarily spent time apart to limit the spread of COVID-19, we have also watched as our human connection grows stronger.

The AU Board of Trustees is proud of the decisive actions of university, faculty and staff leadership during these challenging times. President Gogue, his administrative team and our governance groups acted quickly to safeguard the health of students, staff and faculty. They ensured a smooth transition from normal business to remote learning and alternative operational plans. Our faculty capably adapted their teaching plans to ensure a continuous commitment to academic excellence and to provide exceptional support for their students. During this time, Auburn has maintained, and even advanced, important research activities. We are actively developing solutions to aid in the global response to COVID-19. And through it all, our student recruitment activity demonstrates that Auburn still attracts the brightest minds.

We are especially proud of our students this year. Auburn women and men always rise up to overcome challenges and to support each other and their school. Of course, we’re heartbroken that it is not possible to be together this spring, a time when our campus is usually alive with activity. But, our students are finding new ways to connect, to cultivate their personal relationships and to still share a collective experience. As active participants in stopping the pandemic, our students will be stronger, more resilient, and self-confident moving forward in their lives.

Finally, we are grateful to our alumni and communities for their support. The Auburn family shares a powerful bond that won’t be broken.

The Board of Trustees is deeply appreciative of everyone who supports Auburn University. We thank you and welcome your ideas, questions and suggestions as we advance together in our work to always be a forward-thinking model for higher education.


Wayne Smith
President Pro Tempore, Auburn University Board of Trustees

Members of the Auburn University Board of Trustees

Governor Kay Ivey, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
Lloyd Austin
Mike DeMaioribus
Bob Dumas
Raymond Harbert
Elizabeth Huntley
Gaines Lanier
Charles McCrary
Sarah Newton
James Pratt
Jimmy Rane
Quentin Riggins
B.T. Roberts
Clark Sahlie
Jimmy Sanford

Last updated: 04/21/2020