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The Wall Street Journal spotlights Auburn University and local communities for economic development partnerships

Many groups. One goal: Thrive in the knowledge-based economy of tomorrow.

The success of Auburn University and Lee County made national news when the Wall Street Journal focused on the economic resilience of college towns that offset fading industries with new high-tech opportunities.

The article, "There's an Antidote to America's Long Economic Malaise: College Towns," gave accolades to the many partnerships created by the university, the community and industry officials—working together for the benefit of all.

Touting economic growth, the article states:

Instead of merely surviving, though, Lee County is now thriving. Its unemployment rate of 4.7% in October was slightly lower than for the U.S. as a whole. Since 2001, the east-central Alabama county has added 14,000 jobs, five times the growth rate in the rest of the country.

Why has Lee County been so resilient? One of the biggest reasons is that it is home to a major college town.

The Journal highlights the partnership with GE Aviation as an excellent success story. GE brought high-volume additive manufacturing in 2014 to the City of Auburn for manufacturing jet engine fuel nozzles.

Auburn University and the city are focusing on 3-D printing as an industry of the future, which will need substantial engineering research to become a manufacturing staple.

Companies benefit from Auburn University's world-class faculty and research, a talented local workforce and great communities—Auburn, Opelika, Lee County and the entire area—dedicated to working together for it citizens.

Last updated: 01/26/2017