Style Guide

Style Guide

Auburn University's trademarks and logos reflect the reputation and image of the university. Therefore, it is critical that those visual elements that represent the institution are presented correctly and with integrity, which is the foundation for successful branding. When that visual representation is disconnected or inconsistent, the perception of the institution can suffer.

Research with prospective students shows that a visual identity used consistently over time paves the way to an enhanced image, instant recognition, and higher recall. With more than 3,600 colleges and universities in the United States, competition for the best students is increasing. Maintaining our visual identity is one way to stand out within the consideration set.

Because of shrinking budgets that make it difficult to reach mass audiences, every message, and every dollar, that reinforces an institutional identity counts. Consistency builds greater recognition in the minds of all audiences whose support we seek: students, prospective students, parents, alumni, and supporters.

To download all logos and templates, click the following link, Logos and Templates(This resource is only available to Auburn Faculty and Staff)

Official Colors

Color is as significant to a graphic identity as image, symbols, and marks. The official colors of Auburn University are orange and blue.

As most designers know, precise color matching can be difficult depending on the medium, art, or special effects being used. OCM recomends the following PMS colors for their proven versatility, long history of use, and quality consistency across multiple mediums:

Auburn Orange

For printing on paper, PMS 158 is recommended for Auburn orange. Because of its higher concentration of yellow, it is less intense and slightly more burnt in appearance than the often-used PMS 172. PMS 158 holds to a burnt orange better when it is screened in various tints, and the slightly muted color offers a more academic feel to print pieces than the brighter PMS 172, which also has a history of use at Auburn. PMS 172 tends to appear with a pink case when screened. PMS 158 is also recommended for use in the university seal.

PMS 172 has been used in recent years, and is still recommeneded for color matching of materials used in merchandise such as fabrics and plastics and the printing of color on these items.

Auburn Blue

The accepted blue for Auburn ins PMS 289.

When printing spot color, these PMS colors should be used. If printing in process color, use the appropriate CMYK values. A color match prior to printing of any kind should be obtained and viewed in advance whenever possible. Whyen in doubt, please consult with OCM.

Special Note to Designers and Printers

In their latest color guides, Pantone has changed their recommended CMYK forumulas for matching PMS-289 and PMS-158. Please use the CMYK values show here instead of Pantone's new recommendations. Also be aware that as software programs begin to use Pantone's enw color specifications in upgrades, it will be necessary to create the CMYK forumulas within a document rather than relying upon the program's built-in conversion from spot color to process color.

Last updated: July 16, 2019