LTN Studio

LTN Studio

The Auburn University School of Communication and Journalism’s studio in Tichenor Hall is available for live HD video interviews with Auburn University experts through LTN Global Networks. In addition, our broadcast office in Samford Hall is equipped with an ISDN line for digital radio interviews.

The Tichenor Hall studio is equipped with LED lights, high quality digital audio and a variety of backgrounds that can be tailored to fit your program. Staff from Auburn’s Office of Communications and Marketing manage the studio and are quick to respond to media outlets who are interested in a live interview and are members of the LTN network.

Booking Information:

Media contact:
Preston Sparks
Director of University Communications Services


During business hours:
(334) 844-9999

After business hours:
(706) 833-6456
(334) 750-2829

Technical information:

LTN ID: Auburn University Studio at Tichenor Hall

ISDN numbers:

Inside the LTN Studio at Auburn University
Last Updated: July 18, 2018