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More than two million people are incarcerated in the United States—a 500% increase from just 40 years ago. As prisons across the country become overcrowded and incarcerated individuals suffer from mental health conditions, understanding the impact of prison environments is increasingly important. Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology Timothy Edgemon’s latest work, “Inmate Mental Health and the Pains of Imprisonment,” examines the individual effects of prison conditions and suggests ways to improve mental health outcomes.


The Bureau of Economic Analysis, or BEA, reported a month ago that the U.S. economy contracted for the second straight quarter that ended June 30 – a widely accepted rule of thumb for what typically constitutes a recession. According to the BEA's advance estimate, Gross Domestic Product fell at an annualized rate of 0.9% for the second quarter—which has since been revised downward to a decline of only 0.6% following a 1.6% decline in GDP reported for the first quarter of 2022.