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Kerry Smith, Alabama Extension Master Gardeners coordinator, discusses tips for first-time gardeners, the rise in gardening as food prices increase, plant health and how to have a garden even if you have limited space. Smith also serves as Extension’s Home Grounds Team co-coordinator and as an Auburn University Department of Horticulture outreach administrator.


When spring arrives, so does an increase in the number of raptors, or birds of prey, “rescued” by well-meaning Good Samaritans. But do most really need rescuing at all, or are they better off being left where they are? Stephanie Kadletz, a raptor rehabilitation specialist at the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine’s Southeastern Raptor Center, weighs in with some advice.


Auburn University experts are closely monitoring the Russia-Ukraine war and its impact both at home and abroad. Matthew Clary, senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Auburn University, explains the current state of the conflict, how U.S. citizens will be affected and how they can support Ukraine from home.