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It is axiomatic that any vaccine to be deployed extensively in the U.S. or elsewhere should receive approval only after rigorous testing for both safety and efficacy. With more than six million cases and 200,000 fatalities, possibly rising to 400,000 deaths, the U.S. urgently needs a safe and effective vaccine.


This year’s Election Day will be unlike any before, and many voters still have trepidations and questions as uncertainty swirls just six weeks ahead of the Nov. 3 vote. Auburn Political Science professors Bridgett A. King and Kathleen Hale, experts on elections and voting, recently participated in separate national panel discussions and offered their thoughts on everything from what in-person voting might look like logistically amid the COVID-19 pandemic and whether they expect people to vote in person or by mail, to a possible shortage of poll workers and local funding and what local election officials are doing to prepare for all types of contingencies.