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Melissa Halford, a lecturer in Auburn University’s Physics Department in the College of Sciences and Mathematics, comments below on recent reports of repeating radio signals that are coming from outside of our galaxy. She notes that astronomers don’t quite know what is causing this to occur, but several possibilities have been proposed.


As authorities around the world work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Auburn University College of Human Sciences Associate Professor and Interior Design Program Coordinator Lindsay Tan discusses how the design of certain places can affect the disease’s transmission. Tan leads the Design Ecology Lab and the newly established College of Human Sciences Pathogen Lab, in which students will investigate how disease-causing pathogens are spread throughout indoor environments. In the wake of the alarm over the coronavirus, Tan said there are design elements that can help contain the outbreak.


The coronavirus outbreak—coming on the heels of last year’s Chinese tariffs—has thrown yet another monkey wrench into the already delicate relationship between U.S. companies and their Chinese supply chain networks.


Auburn University political science professor Kathleen Hale—who directs Auburn’s partnership with the Election Center (National Association of Election Officials) to professionalize the public administration of elections through its national certification program – comments below about the inherent risks and benefits of technology use with elections in light of last night’s issues involving the delayed Iowa caucus results.