Creative Services functions as an in-house agency, and our mission is to protect and project the Auburn brand. Our job is to ensure all communications are well-designed, on-brand and consistent. We're responsible for developing and executing brand strategy and ensuring adoption campus-wide. We support the university in all creative and branding needs to achieve our goal of creating brand value and differentiation for Auburn.

Services Provided

The Creative Services team provides strategic guidance, creative direction, graphic design and production services for any creative project need, while ensuring all work is aligned to the Auburn brand. The team is made up of a creative director with more than 20 years experience in branding, communications and design, four graphic designers with a combined 70 years delivering award-winning designs across every medium and a project management/content strategy team with a combined 35 years experience.

Brand Management & Creative Services

  • Brand strategy and execution

  • Brand review of all campus materials

  • Brand Support

  • Graphic design

  • Creative concepting

  • Campaign development

  • Content strategy

  • Writing / editing

  • Video shooting and production

  • Motion graphics

  • Project management

  • Print production

  • Print and digital campus and community signage

Brand Center

  • Logos

  • Color guidelines

  • Typography guidelines

  • Social media guidelines

  • Video guidelines

  • Brand elements guidelines

  • Templates

  • University email signature generator

  • Other resources


If you have any questions regarding our branding or creative services projects please submit those to Someone in our office will follow up with you within three business days.