After the Vote

Now, more than ever, is the time for the Auburn Family to be mindful and respectful of others. The nation is divided for a number of reasons, including a tumultuous election season, but we stand together in our support of a university committed to providing a working and academic environment free from discrimination and harassment. Our Auburn values foster a nurturing community founded upon the fundamental dignity and worthiness of all its members.

Please keep in mind today that it is important to –

  • Engage in respectful dialogue with people with differing points of view.

  • Be patient while election results are tabulated. Due to the pandemic and large amount of people voting by mail this year, final election results are not expected on Election Day. This should not be cause for concern.

  • Follow the law.

    • Campus community members who engage in criminal activity, including that motivated by bias, will be held accountable for their actions through appropriate university conduct processes.

    • Action may also be taken through the criminal justice system, depending on the nature of the crime and desires of the victim.

  • An increase in criminal activity or violence is not expected, but the Auburn Police Division and Auburn University are closely monitoring for activity and are ready to respond to any concerns that arise.

Just last week, Auburn University launched Going Beyond Respect, a new campaign aimed at promoting respect, courage and kindness. Developed and designed by student leaders and staff members across campus, Going Beyond Respect seeks to create a more welcoming and inclusive campus through dialogue across different perspectives. The goal of this campaign is not to silence voices, but to promote active listening, learning from others with differing opinions, disagreeing respectfully and being present/engaged in conversation.

Available Resources

Bias Education and Response Team (BERT)

Campus community members can report bias incidents to BERT. BERT does not investigate, adjudicate or take the place of other Auburn University processes or services, but rather works to connect impacted parties and communities with appropriate support and resources.

Safe Harbor

Confidential resource for survivors of intimate partner violence. Advocates can help survivors or their friends/family understand resources and reporting options. Call 334-844-7233 or email

Auburn Cares

Auburn Cares provides support to students to help them best achieve their academic and co-curricular goals, by connecting them to resources across campus and helping them develop personal action plans to advocate for themselves.

Campus Safety & Security

The Department of Campus Safety & Security is available to evaluate general campus safety or security-related concerns, make recommendations for additional safety or security measures, assist with safety planning, evaluate potential threats through the Threat Assessment Team or other resources, provide training and outreach on a variety of safety topics and coordinate responses with Auburn Police Division and other law enforcement agencies and first responders, as appropriate. Campus Safety & Security also provides safe, door-to-door, on-campus transportation from 6 p.m.-7a.m., seven days a week through the Night Security Shuttle (334-844-7400 or request a ride through the free Auburn Safety app).

Auburn Safety app

The Auburn Safety app is free for download on your favorite app store. The app has multiple features including Submit a Tip, How to Respond (emergency guidelines), Security Shuttle (in-app request), Friend Walk (added layer of security provided through a friend), Sexual Violence Resources, Other Resources and Personal Safety Tips.

Concerns and Issues

Emergencies, crimes and suspicious activity

Victims and witnesses are encouraged to report all emergencies, crimes and suspicious activity to Auburn Police. Dial 911 for emergencies and crimes or suspicious activity in progress. For non-emergency situations, such as delayed reports of crime, call 334-501-3100, option 1 (non-emergency police/fire).

Harassment or discrimination based on protected class

Members of the campus community who have experienced harassment or discrimination based on their protected class status are encouraged to report the behavior to the Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity (AA/EEO) Office/Title IX Coordinator (334-844-4794).

Threatening behavior

Members of the campus community should report behavior that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of other community members to the Threat Assessment Team (334-844-5010 or This is a multi-disciplinary team that evaluates such concerns and makes recommendations for outreach, consultation and appropriate referrals. If a person poses an immediate risk of violence to self or others, please dial 911 to report the concern to Auburn Police, or other local law enforcement if outside the Auburn area.

Violations of the Code of Student Conduct

Non-academic violations of Auburn University policy by students or student organizations should be reported to the Office of Student Conduct

General safety or security concerns

The campus community is encouraged to report all safety concerns to the Department of Campus Safety & Security (334-844-8888, or through Submit a Tip in the Auburn Safety app), which is available to discuss concerns, assist with safety planning and connect community members with a variety of resources on and off campus.

If you have been the victim of a bias-related incident –

  • Without further jeopardizing your safety, try to take note of as many details as possible, such as time and exact location of the incident, description of the individual(s) and vehicle(s) involved, witness information, and details about what was said or done.

  • Get to a safe location as soon as possible, such as a nearby business or open university building.

  • Get medical help, if necessary.

  • Document everything you can recall about the incident. Include the offender’s gender, age, height, weight, race, clothing and other distinguishing characteristics. If derogatory or threatening comments were made, write down the exact words that were used.

  • Report it.

    • If the incident was criminal in nature (or if you aren’t sure), report it to police. Ask them to document the incident in a report and provide you with a case number. (It is your option whether to do so, but the university strongly encourages all victims and witnesses to report crimes and suspicious activity to police.)

      • Campus Safety & Security receives all police reports occurring on AU property and some involving AU students or employees occurring off campus. Campus Safety & Security will share the report with the AA/EEO Office and/or the Bias Education & Response Team as appropriate based on the nature of what was reported.

    • If you don’t think the incident was a crime, but would like to report it to the university, contact the AA/EEO Office or the Bias Education & Response Team.

  • Get support, through friends, family or resources listed above.

Last updated: November 06, 2020