Why Auburn?

Let our students tell you about the experiences that make Auburn the right choice.

Sabrina Cuadra poses outside for a photograph.
Sabrina Cuadra
Columbia, SC
Political Science
How is Auburn preparing you for your career?

In my classes I am being taught not only by my professors that used to work in this field, but they are bringing in guest lecturers that are current professionals in the field to talk to us about their real-life experiences. Many of my classes also bring in guest lecturers and getting to interact with them is an incredible experience.

What advice would you offer other out-of-state students who are considering Auburn?

College is a once in a lifetime experience and I don’t think continuing it with everyone from high school is the best way to live it. I loved high school and had an incredible time, but Auburn has taught me more and pushed me out of my comfort zone more than it would have had I stayed in South Carolina. I’m in my third year at Auburn, I cannot see myself anywhere else.

What makes Auburn special?

Auburn is home. I know that Auburn is going to be more than four years for me. It is going to be my lifetime. I have never seen a university’s roots and family ties run so deep. My experience at Auburn has been incredible, and I would never change it.

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Last updated: 4/4/2018