Why Auburn?

Let our students tell you about the experiences that make Auburn the right choice.

Maggie Lindemann poses outside for a photograph.
Maggie Lindemann
Lafayette, LA
Why did you choose Auburn?

There is such a strong sense of spirit on this campus, and it doesn’t take much time before you feel like you’re a member of the Auburn Family. Coming from out of state, I immediately felt welcomed by everyone’s friendly and outgoing attitudes, and Auburn quickly began to feel like a home away from home.

What advice would you offer other out-of-state students who are considering Auburn?

Attending Auburn has given me the opportunity to meet so many different people from various places throughout the country, and making these connections has presented me with new opportunities that I wouldn’t have been offered by staying in-state.

Why would you encourage other students to get involved with campus organizations?

Being involved on campus has allowed me to meet new people who share a similar passion and has also reminded me how essential it is to remain involved in the community even after college. I’m involved in Auburn for Water, which strives to educate Auburn’s campus about the water crisis while raising money for a nonprofit organization called Neverthirst. This is a cause I was passionate about in high school, and Auburn has given me the opportunity to further serve this cause while in college.

How did your internship help prepare you for your career?

For the past two summers, I’ve had the opportunity to intern with Merrill Lynch. Interning has allowed me to take what I’ve learned in the classroom and apply those skills in the workplace, while also allowing me to better understand what the daily life of a financial advisor entails. It’s given me an idea of how to apply my degree to the real world of finance and investments, and it’s also given me the opportunity to network with several financial advisors.

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Last updated: 4/4/2018