Why Auburn?

Let our students tell you about the experiences that make Auburn the right choice.

Logan Owen poses outside for a photograph.
Logan Owen
Harrison, AR
Aviation Management
How is Auburn preparing you for your career?

I’m on the student flying team and am realizing my dream to become an airline pilot. I received a job offer from an airline my junior year and feel very prepared to take this career head-on.

How does your involvement in on-campus professional groups benefit you?

I’m lucky enough to be involved with numerous professional groups on campus. I have been an active member of the War Eagle Flying Team, Striped Wings Aviation Center Ambassadors, and the High School Leadership Conference. Through these, I networked with my peers, traveled the country, and made lifelong friends. I suggest that every student get involved in at least one professional group. Having a group of friends who are also in your field of study is a major help.

Why is Auburn a good choice for out-of-state students?

Auburn is a great option for students from anywhere. No matter where you’re from you will find your place here. The whole 'Auburn Family' thing is very real. Being an out-of-state student, I knew absolutely no one when I arrived. I was nervous about this, but also very excited for a totally new beginning. Within the first few days I felt like Auburn was my true home and this was where I was meant to be. Being here is a feeling like no other and I would not trade this experience for anything.

What makes Auburn special?

The people here are unlike anywhere else. I have never met so many bright and kind students. There is something magical about this place.

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Last updated: 4/4/2018