Why Auburn?

Let our students tell you about the experiences that make Auburn the right choice.

Holden Covington poses outside for a photograph.
Holden Covington
Nashville TN
Electrical Engineering
Why did you choose Auburn?

Auburn is a great school, but the network surrounding it is fantastic. None of the other engineering schools I considered had quite the same professional, personal, and fantastic network Auburn has. I’ve gotten two internships thus far, in a huge part due to the fact that I had Auburn University engineering on my resume.

How has being an Auburn student opened doors for you professionally?

Auburn University is impressive on your resume. People know that the programs here are something special—the students are motivated, hardworking, easy to teach, and quick learners. An Auburn education is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, one of the greatest things you can do for your resume. Auburn is truly something special.

What advice would you offer new freshmen?

Don’t forget to have fun. Stay on campus for an extra hour, go to the student center, meet somebody, join student government, join something. Do something where you are meeting people and having fun and making these connections because they will last forever. They will give you professional and personal opportunities. I just got back from an internship because I happened to know the right person at Auburn. It’s truly an incredible thing around here.

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Last updated: 4/4/2018