Why Auburn?

Let our students tell you about the experiences that make Auburn the right choice.

Eddie Neyman poses outside for a photograph.
Eddie Neyman
Gulf Breeze, FL
Mechanical Engineering
Why did you choose Auburn?

I knew I wanted a great engineering school that treats its students like family and provides a healthy mix of academics, athletics, and social life.

How does Auburn help you succeed?

Auburn does a fantastic job of setting its students up for success. An unlimited array of resources is constantly at my fingertips in the College of Engineering and the College of Business. Auburn also has a fantastic alumni network.

How have you been challenged academically?

I’m in Honors College—it’s a great opportunity to intensify your curriculum and challenge yourself. You can live in Honors housing and take advantage of priority registration and smaller classes. Plus, some Honors classes focus on special academic topics.

How did your internship help prepare you for your career?

I worked for Southern Nuclear Company last summer in their Risk Informed Engineering department. The internship taught me about complex mechanical and electrical systems. It took a lot of isolated topics that I had been learning about and brought them all together. Being able to learn under the guidance of experienced engineers also helped me see the combination of soft skills and hard skills that make an engineer effective in the workplace.

What advice would you offer new freshmen?

Relax. Some of your fondest memories will be made here. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Everything is going to be fine.

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Last updated: 4/4/2018