Photo of Pam Kirby

Pam Kirby

Marketing Services Coordinator

Day Job:
I handle the print production of projects created by OCM. I work with a talented group of graphic designers; their creativity never ends. A good portion of my job includes reviewing all campus printing jobs to ensure they meet graphic standards according to the University Style Guide and Identification Standards Manual. I also help with printing specifications, estimates and proofreading. OCM is a great place to work and I enjoy dealing with people all over campus. I don't see a lot of them, but I feel like I know them from our phone and email correspondence.

Auburn Connection:
Auburn is my home. My dad went to school here and moved the family back here in the early 60s. He had a store downtown and it was fun to go to "work" with him. Our home was just a few blocks from campus and we used to ride our bicycles all over town and the campus. Back then, you could rent tandems at Foy Union for 50 cents a day and on Saturday mornings the Tiger Theater would have kiddie movies; admission was only a few RC bottle caps. Auburn also had a skating rink and a carpet golf course. It was fun growing up in Auburn and following the Tigers. I love football!

Today, I've enjoyed working for the university for many years. Most of my family is here, so my husband, who's also an Auburn alum, and I plan to retire here. We can't imagine being anywhere else.

The church plays an important role in our lives. My husband and I met through being involved in a couple of the ministries in our church. We also love going to the mountains, the beach or anywhere else to enjoy the outdoors. God's handiwork never ceases to amaze us. It's also good therapy!

Last Updated: July 25, 2018