Photo of Melissa Wilt

Melissa Wilt

Director, Campus & Community Events

Day Job
My role is to oversee the planning and execution of highly visible events while enhancing the quality and integrity of the Auburn brand. I am honored to be involved in events that represent the culmination of the Auburn experience for students, family members, employees and visitors to the loveliest village on the Plains. From initial design meetings to final event break-down, every day presents unique challenges to overcome. Successfully juggling the pieces to multiple events and seeing them fall into place is extremely rewarding, surpassed only by the knowledge that I played a role in events experienced by the Auburn family.

My husband and I have two precious children, so our interests currently revolve around making sure they are healthy, polite and having fun. The kids attended their first Auburn football game this season and had a blast! Beyond my family, I enjoy running, yoga and playing tennis. My goals include becoming more involved in local government affairs after working at a municipality and witnessing the influential duties and responsibilities of constituents and elected officials alike. I dream of travelling the world one day, hopefully taking the whole family along!

Last Updated: July 25, 2018