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Melissa Humble


Day Job:
Day-to-day, my work is always different. Sure, I'm always making photographs, but it's rarely the same thing. I still have to do the boring things that most people do, like attend meetings, read and answer emails, and deal with phone calls. Some days, I sit at my desk and stare at images all day. All of our images have to be appropriately edited, named, assigned keywords, catalogued and archived. While many people don't consider this part of my job, it actually takes up a lot of my time. It's well worth the effort, as it makes searching for images later much easier. Other days, I'm doing photo shoots on location throughout campus. I may be photographing detection dogs at the vet school in the morning, a luncheon speaker mid-day, music education students in class that afternoon and a special event at the president's home in the evening. I get to photograph and learn about different things almost every day. That's what I like best about my job.

Greatest Accomplishment:
I'm pretty proud of the fact that I can make a living with an awesome job in the field of my degree. I'm sure a number of people had doubts for a rural Louisiana girl with an art degree. I'm also proud to have been recently elected to serve on the board of directors for the University Photographers' Association of America.

Favorite Pantone Color:
My favorite Pantone color is 14-0452 TPX. It's lime green. It's bright and happy and reminds me of new growth.

Last updated: 11/17/2016