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Chris Green

Coordinator, Campus & Community Events

Day Job:
I honestly do not work the same day twice. I've always been resistant to schedules and routine (which, as a child, annoyed my mom and my teachers to no end), so I like that there are so many aspects to my job. I can be hunkered down at my desk, making phone calls, drafting emails or administering the Campus Event Planning System. I can be away from my desk all day, meeting with vendors in preparation for an event or setting up for an event the day of. Many days, I'm doing a little bit of both, logging in hours at my desk when I can between meetings and/or set up. I can be done for the day at close of business or I can be done in the wee hours of the morning when we've finally finished tear down on an event. There's a lot of variety, and I am never bored.

This is going to make me sound incredibly lazy (and let's face it, I really am once I leave work), but I can binge watch with the best of them. Television is probably my all-time favorite medium: you get the length of a novel with the visuals of a movie. I love following a set of characters over time, and I dissect character arcs and plotlines as I watch. I will talk ad nauseam if somebody asks me if I watched [insert name of show here] the night before. My two favorite shows are "Veronica Mars" (you know I gave to that Kickstarter campaign) and "Friday Night Lights," and I probably re-watch them at least once a year.

I thrive in an environment where I can be a little ridiculous. I love brainstorming, but I honestly have to voice a million dumb ideas before I can voice a good one. It's kind of a requirement. I just really like being in a room of people who are having a great time and just saying whatever comes to my mind even if it's the craziest thing to come out of my mouth (especially if I get a laugh). In some cases, the dumb things I've said have led to some pretty good ideas (usually with an assist from others).

Last updated: 11/17/2016