Photo of Amy Weaver

Amy Weaver

Communications Specialist

Day Job:
As a communication specialist, I am responsible for the communication and marketing needs of the College of Human Sciences, Harrison School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing and the College of Veterinary Medicine. Much of my time is spent writing - news releases to be used by local media, featured stories for the Auburn homepage, and profiles for a school's alumni newsletter or magazine. I work closely with members of the OCM creative team to produce newsletters, magazines, books and invitations for my college and schools. I am an experienced writer as a former news reporter with a journalism degree.

Favorite Auburn Experience:
One of my favorite Auburn memories is attending the 2013 Iron Bowl with my dad. I enjoyed sharing the tradition of an Auburn home game with him and introducing him to various friends. When Chris Davis ran Alabama's missed field goal all the way back to our end zone for the game-winning touchdown, even my dad got caught up in the excitement and was jumping and screaming like the rest of us. I remember jumping into his arms for a great big hug. It was a special moment for many reasons. One I won't forget anytime soon. Nor will my dad. He LOVES telling everyone he was there for that historic and unbelievable win.

I am a TV fanatic and movie buff. If there isn't yard work to be done or a football game to attend, I am catching up on my favorite shows or watching a movie I've never seen before. I really enjoy the classic movies with actors like James Cagney, Barbara Stanwyck and Jean Arthur. I am so grateful for TCM and for fueling my obsession. I proudly admit that in 2012 I saw 303 movies for the first time. Some of my favorites from that year were "Topper," "Man of a Thousand Faces," "Keeper of the Flame" and "Around the World in 80 Days. "If you have a favorite you think I haven't seen, please let me know.

Last Updated: July 25, 2018