Mike Clardy
Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Barbara Black
Executive Support Assistant
Hayden Atkinson
Administrative Support Assistant
Broadcast Services
Jim Jackson
Kevin Fichtner
Broadcast Associate
Marketing & Creative Services
Bridget Wyke
Creative Director
Jennie Hill
Art Design Specialist
Mary Ferguson-Huddleston
Art Design Specialist
Heather Jackson
Art Design Specialist
Mike Hales
Marketing Manager
Megan Burmester
Communications Editor
News & Web
Preston Sparks
Director of University Communications Services

Charles Martin
Sr. Communications Editor

Amy Weaver
Communications Specialist

Sarah Farmer
Communications Editor

John Walker
IT Specialist

Neal Reid
Communications Editor

Katie-Bay Hayford
Multimedia Specialist

Thina Biblis
Administrator, University Event Database

Photographic Services
Jeff Etheridge
Director, Photographic Services

Danna Bradford
Administrative Support Associate

Last updated: May 20, 2021