Mike Clardy
Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Barbara Black
Executive Support Assistant
Hayden Atkinson
Administrative Support Assistant
Broadcast Services
Jim Jackson
Kevin Fichtner
Broadcast Associate
Marketing & Creative Services
Lucy LaMar
Director, Marketing & Creative Services
Pam Kirby
Marketing Services Coordinator
Jennie Hill
Art Design Specialist
Mary Ferguson-Huddleston
Art Design Specialist
Heather Jackson
Art Design Specialist
Mike Hales
Marketing Manager
Megan Burmester
Communications Editor
News & Web
Preston Sparks
Director of University Communications Services

Charles Martin
Sr. Communications Editor

Amy Weaver
Communications Specialist

Sarah Farmer
Communications Editor

John Walker
IT Specialist

Miranda Nobles
Communications Editor

Susie Bridges
Multimedia Specialist

Photographic Services
Jeff Etheridge
Director, Photographic Services

Danna Bradford
Administrative Support Associate

Last updated: September 05, 2019