Pizza-loving freshman shares why Auburn topped Yale

Published: June 05, 2017
Updated: June 06, 2017
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It was her love for pizza that got her noticed by Yale, but her love for the South that brought her to Auburn.

Carolina Williams, a Tennessee native who graduated from Ravenwood High School, was accepted to Yale University in March after writing an attention-grabbing essay, but she has chosen to attend Auburn University in the fall instead.

When asked on her Yale application to write an essay about something she loves to do, it was simple for Williams to come up with an answer: order pizza.

In early May, Williams tweeted a photo of her now-viral essay and the acceptance letter from Yale. She has since received recognition from some well-known publications and broadcasting companies, including ABC News, Good Morning America, Business Insider and People Magazine, to name a few.

Although it was a great honor to be accepted into Yale's class of '21, Williams is confident about her decision to attend Auburn in the fall.

"I love the South and the spirit that Auburn has, and I immediately felt at home when I came here, so it was just personally a better fit for me," said Williams. "I visited campus twice before committing, once for a tour and once for Talons Day, and I was so impressed both times at how helpful and friendly everyone at Auburn was. Above all, though, I just wanted to be a part of the Auburn Family."

Now that she's officially a member of the Auburn Family, Williams is ready to immerse herself in everything Auburn has to offer.

"I haven't had the pleasure of being able to take part in any big Auburn traditions yet, but I'm excited. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at Auburn, making friends and getting involved in many wonderful organizations. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of."

Williams plans to major in business and minor in economics in the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business, which also recognized her accomplishment on Twitter.

"I love business and hope to become a CEO someday, but in the near future I hope to become a business or economic analyst," said Williams. "I would also love to be an author someday, as writing is a passion of mine."

Williams received Auburn's Presidential Scholarship. She also received the Edward and Catherine K. Lowder Endowed Scholarship from Auburn's College of Business.

Williams is not only the first person in her family to attend Auburn, but also the first to attend college.

"It is awesome being a first generation college student," Williams said. "I love getting to go through this experience for the first time with my whole family, and we all love Auburn."

When Williams posted her tweet about her essay for Yale, she did not expect the amount of recognition she has received. She attended Camp War Eagle, Auburn's freshmen orientation, last week and was acknowledged by many upcoming freshmen and local media.

"The attention has been crazy, but I am so honored," said Williams. "I love that people are enjoying my writing and my passion for pizza. I hope if anything this will just help me make connections at Auburn and get plugged in easily."

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