Seven new trees to be planted in Auburn University’s Samford Park

Published: January 17, 2017
Updated: October 05, 2017
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Auburn University's Facilities Management Landscape Services Department will plant seven new oak trees in Samford Park Jan. 17-19. The plan calls for the installation of three white oaks, three scarlet oaks and a willow oak.

"We are planting these trees to create additional shaded areas and to begin growing a canopy that will one day replace what is lost by older trees within the park," said University Arborist Alex Hedgepath. "There are no plans to remove the older trees at this time as this planting is a proactive approach to ensure a canopy is in place for the future."

Each tree is being planted with a specific purpose in mind.

"The willow oak will fill a gap in the trees aligning College Street, Hedgepath said. "A white oak and three scarlet oaks will be planted between Langdon and Hargis halls to bring shade to the area, and two white oaks will provide a replacement canopy for older trees located in other areas within the park."

Hedgepath said each species was chosen for a specific purpose.

"White oaks seem to be everyone's best friend. Once established, it's a great performer with uniform crown structure, pleasant foliage and interesting bark," he said. "Scarlet oaks will provide Samford Park with some much needed fall color. It's also a tough, drought-tolerant southern tree and is locally native to Auburn. Willow oak is the tried-and-true urban tree that is being planted to fulfill what is already established along College Street."