Auburn junior wins Student Design League with video board-inspired design

Published: January 20, 2017
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Rebecca Schneider used the new video board inside Jordan-Hare Stadium at Auburn University as her inspiration for a T-shirt design that was popular among voters in this year’s Student Design League.

So popular, in fact, the junior from Spanish Fort, Alabama, won the annual contest at Auburn with her design mimicking the nation’s largest college video board displaying the popular phrase, "Get Loud."

"Auburn is iconic and innovative and I believe that we do everything on a large scale. The jumbotron is a larger than life symbol that illustrates this Auburn spirit," Schneider explained. "Not only does the phrase ‘Get Loud’ resonate during football games, I think it transcends the Auburn Family as a way of life. I was inspired by this attitude and how those who live this Auburn way live ‘loud.’"

The Student Design League launched exclusively at Auburn in August 2015 as a partnership between the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences in Auburn’s College of Human Sciences and Robin Ruth, the leading fashion brand to travelers worldwide.

This year, students at five additional schools – Florida State University, University of Alabama, University of Arkansas, University of Tennessee and West Virginia University – competed amongst themselves to determine its top designer.

Schneider and the other school winners will now vie with each other for two coveted summer internships at Robin Ruth’s New York offices.

Schneider noted that Auburn faculty and staff and Robin Ruth representatives played a role in the design process, providing her with advice to ensure she was "making a design that depicted Auburn accurately and met licensing standards, while also creating an innovative, high-impact graphic."

"I had a lot of fun really delving into Auburn University, our heritage and what makes this university such a special experience," she said. "I think the hardest part of the process was narrowing down my ideas.

"As a design major, we are taught to analyze and learn during our design process. It is not out of the ordinary for challenges to arise and most often these challenges can facilitate a wonderful end result."

Schneider said she received much support from her hometown of Spanish Fort, where all of its nearly 7,000 residents align with either Auburn or Alabama. With both schools involved in this year’s design competition, she said family, friends and others in Spanish Fort, including her high school teacher, were bound to support their affiliation and vote.

The selection process for the internships is out of the public’s hands, but at this point, Schneider said she’s still wrapping her head around the idea that Auburn fans will get to buy and wear her design.

"I love Auburn so much and after three years it holds such a special place in my heart, which makes getting involved on campus in this new way very exciting," she said.

The six top designs will all go into production and be released for sale next fall.

"I am so excited for the products that I designed to be released," admitted Schneider. "It will be the first time that something I have designed will be available for people to buy, which is an unbelievable opportunity as a college apparel design student."

In the meantime, products with the design from last year’s Auburn winner – Alaundra Shealey’s depiction of an oak tree with War Eagle cascading across it in toilet paper – is for sale in the Auburn University Bookstore. Products with an Auburn football-theme design from senior Ben Hawley, who finished second in the voting, are also available in the bookstore.

For at least the next six months, Shealey and Hawley will be competing to earn the most sales, with the winner receiving a cash prize.